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  • How long will my pressure-treated posts last in the ground? read more...
    Osmose® Lumber Treatment Animation

    This animation explains the pressure treating process ...
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  • What can you get with vinyl sheet piling from VITRU Building Products?
    When using our vinyl sheet piling, your bulkhead or retaining wall will have superior longevity, strength, and erosion protection.

    In our extensive line of strong and long-lasting vinyl sheet piling, we offer multiple brands and profiles to meet the needs of most any project. Our consultants are standing by to help you select the best vinyl sheet piling as well as other materials you may need, such as treated wood, fastener kits, and hardware. We'll help you place a complete order that will be shipped as a ready-to-build package.

    Longevity and Cost-Effective Construction

    Using vinyl sheet pilings from VITRU Building Products allows you to enjoy cost-effective construction of your project. Our materials can be installed and handled with light equipment, reducing your labor and equipment costs. read more...
  • Vitru Building Products provides a complete line of smooth and rough treated Southern Yellow Pine Lumber.
    We custom prepare each order, and are ready to ship in bundles or as pieces to help you complete your project. Our consultants are available to help you determine exactly what you'll need.

    Pressure Treated Wood

    Treated wood products are our specialty. All our wood and pressure treated lumber products meet national and local regulations and can be made to meet your exact project specifications.

    Rough Cut Treated Lumber

    We manufacture many standard sizes of rough cut treated lumber, and can also provide custom sizes to meet your project specifications. We work with customers on a variety of projects, such as in the construction of vinyl bulkhead or retaining walls. read more...
  • Vitru Building Products supplies treated timbers for a variety of uses.
    Our timbers are commonly used in ranch and farm projects, marine and shoreline construction, and a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

    Why Choose our Timbers?
    Dependability:Our treated timbers are available in #2 and better and select grades
    Quality:You can count on the exemplary strength of our timbers for structural applications
    Versatility:We can custom cut and drill your treated timbers to your exact specifications
    Longevity:Our treated timbers have a lifetime warranty against decay and rot
    Visual appeal:Our timbers have an attractive look, especially in rustic and southwest designs.
  • Vitru Building Products is a leading supplier of a large variety of posts,wood poles, and pilings.
    We serve clients across the nation, and our consultants are available to help you find the perfect product for your specific project. Southern Yellow Pine is a popular type of Treated lumber used for poles and pilings because of its superb strength, versatility, and cost effectiveness.

    Treated Poles & Pilings

    Our wood poles and pilings are available in a variety of types, such as treated, untreated, "wet," or kiln dried. Give us the specifics of your project, and we can create almost any size or class of poles or pilings that you need.

    What is polymer wood coating?

    It is a protective polymer coating engineered specifically for wood use.The special polymer coating bonds to wood creating a protective barrier that protects the wood from marine borers or termites. read more...
  • You design, we realize! No project is too big or too small - we look forward to discussing yours.
    VITRU Building Products has a long history as an expert manufacturer of custom treated timber products and components for commercial and industrial projects. Based on our clients' design, blueprints, instructions, or drawings, we manufacture a variety of custom products from beautiful fireplace mantles to complex and immense timber bridges.

    Experienced Professionals with Excellent Equipment

    Our consultants, team leaders, and craftsmen work with contractors, engineers, and architects all over the country to deliver quality products to exact specifications. We have a collaborative work style and are highly qualified at working with engineer and architect drawings and blueprints to ensure the success of every project.
  • VITRU Building Products has the hardware you need to put your project together.
    We stock an extensive line of basic and uncommon hardware and fasteners. Our experts can work with you to determine the hardware and fasteners you’ll need to complete your specific project. We can ship your hardware and fasteners along with your other products so you’ll receive everything you need in one shipment.

    Domestic Hardware We supply domestically-produced galvanized and stainless steel hardware. You must specify that you require domestically produced hardware.

    Custom Hardware Some projects require specially-made small-production hardware components. We can manufacture specialty stainless steel or galvanize steel hardware components for projects from bridges to seawalls to custom timber trusses.
  • What is reclaimed wood?
    Reclaimed wood is any wood that was harvested a long time ago and never milled, or used for something else and then re-used. For example, harvested yet un-milled wood can be "sinker" timbers, logs that sank to the bottom of a river or lake during transport and then recovered years later. Reclaimed wood can also include "blow stack" or other wood from natural disasters. Reclaimed wood can be made into quality timber trusses and other products such as flooring and beams. The re-manufacturing process itself may differ depending on the condition of the wood.

    Timber trusses are commonly made of these types of reclaimed timbers:
  • Fire retardant treated wood is an effective and economical material for reducing the effects of fire.
    It impedes both flame spread and smoke development. Fire retardant treated wood has been used for decades in institutional buildings. As more homes are built near forests and wildlands, the threat of fire is increasing to residential property and inhabitants. Fire retardant treated wood provides an extra measure of safety for homeowners and may even increase escape time in the event of a fire.

    This treated wood utilizes a fire retardant chemical that remains stable in high temperature environments. The treated wood chars but does not oxidize. Effectively this creates a convective layer that transfers flame heat to the wood in a uniform way which significantly slows the progress of fire to the material.

  • Our industrial wood product line
    We produce industrial wood products for storing, supporting, protecting, and transporting large or heavy equipment and commercial assets.
    Pipe Supports
    Support Saddles for horizontal pressure vessels
    Fender Systems for marina, ports, and docks
    Custom over-sized crate components or skids
    Blocks, chocks, and cribbing
    Other custom industrial wood products
    We also provide protective coatings on most products to protect your equipment from scrapes, scratches and other signs of wear. Our consultants will work with you to understand your project specifications and create an industrial wood product solution that fits your needs. read more...

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